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gfxmafia net
10 Nov 2016
A Diamond takes millions of years to form..... A Diamond is a priceless, timeless gift that is measured for generations. Once owned by only the royalty, the ultra-rich and famous , diamonds have always captured the imagination of patrons of rare jewels. Many Traditional Indian families have a...
gfxmafia net
3 Oct 2016
A lot of Indians, have this question, Can Everyone Wear Diamonds ? Will Diamonds Suit and Bring Luck ? Can Diamonds bring Bad Luck ?Let us Understand the Two Opposite Views on this Subject and decide for ourselves.The First and Traditional View: Diamonds are among the most powerful...
gfxmafia net
3 Oct 2016
What are “Dosham in Diamonds” or Flaws in Diamonds. ? Do They bring Bad Luck ? There was a television serial in the recent past which projected/spoke about this. They show a live insect inside. These are theatrical creations and not possible as Diamond is Carbon frozen Forever. Th...

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