A lot of Indians, have this question, Can Everyone Wear Diamonds ? Will Diamonds Suit and Bring Luck ? Can Diamonds bring Bad Luck ?Let us Understand the Two Opposite Views on this Subject and decide for ourselves.The First and Traditional View: Diamonds are among the most powerful of Natural Gems. When we meet a person for the first time, for no apparent reason We either Like them Or Dislike them. Irrespective of their attire, attitude, mannerism we may still form an opinion positive or negative. Others may form a contrary opinion ! How does one answer this. There is something triggered within our-self, which makes us Like Or Dislike. So Diamonds may Bring Luck or not depending on our compatibility with it. The same logic is applied to All Natural Gems. More so to Diamonds and (Blue) Sapphires.The Second and the Liberal View: Most people in the West wear Diamonds by Choice. They don’t have such belief systems. Are they all unhappy? It is more psychological than real. Also in the middle Ages Diamonds were a Status symbol and the Affluent wanted the exclusivity to themselves and so they professed of the super natural powers and the bad luck that it might bring to deter the common man from buying Diamonds. Just go ahead and buy them.Both these view are rational and appeal to the mind. One view may appeal more than the other depending on the way we are brought up.I am more a person of the heart than the (analytical) mind. More of the Amitabh Bachchan of Amar-Akabar-Antony. I believe when we see the Diamonds (or any other Natural Gem for that matter), the song of the heart begins to play. For all the Gems that it so happens they will Suit you. They will Bring in Loads and Loads of Luck. For all the Gems that it does not so happen, it is okay to ignore them.